What is the natural greenhouse effect? - An explanation

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What is the natural greenhouse effect?  - An explanation

The greenhouse effect makes for a warming.

The natural greenhouse effect

  • As the name implies, it is in the natural greenhouse effect to any human-induced global warming, which is the case with global warming, but one whose causes lie in nature itself.
  • The precise detection thus falls under the concept of the greenhouse effect, which also Synonymit√§ten in colloquial speech are not objectionable.
  • The heating therefore arises from the composition of the atmosphere of our world and where it is directly related to the heat radiation from the sun.
  • Put simply, the effect is caused by the short-wavelength light rays of the sun, which can initially freely enter through the Earth's atmosphere to the ground.
  • As a result, the mixture was heated under the atmosphere. This heat is absorbed on the one hand, but on the other hand also discharged.
  • Unlike however the incidence of the rays, the wavelengths of light move here from the green in the infrared region. This is based on the physical effect of the Wien's displacement law.
  • However, these longer wavelengths, which are submitted by the objects, the atmosphere can no longer pass.
  • Instead, the heat radiation is first absorbed by the greenhouse gases and then spread evenly in every direction. Thus, although also a part of the heat is conducted into the space, however, the rest is caught, so to speak. This case falls under the effect of atmospheric counter-radiation.

What are the benefits

  • used the natural greenhouse effect in glass houses, of which even the exact name originates. Through the combined heat specified conditions in a closed environment for plants or animals can thereby be created which do not exist outside of the building.
  • This is possible, that glass has the same properties as a greenhouse gas and that incident, the short-wave radiation, but do not let escape the long-wave radiation.
  • Furthermore, shows the natural benefits in solar panels as well as the architecture, since heating costs can be saved with this effect, which is useful especially in view of rising energy prices and environmental protection.
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