What is time? - To explain children

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What is time?  - To explain children

Nothing is so difficult and so fascinating as to explain the world children.

What is time? - A simple explanation for Adults

  • Time is a size of physics. It describes the sequence of events. One can make this clear reference to a beam. Time is always running in one direction, it can not be reversed. So goes a beam from the past through the present into the future. Snapshots, therefore timings are individual stations on this beam.
  • Your symbols in physics is "t", its SI unit is "s" for second. It is measured in seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years. Clocks, calendars u. Ä. Used for measuring time and organization.

What time is it? - A beautiful explanation for Children

  • If children you want to tell children what time you should refrain from physical explanations distance. This is important for children and too abstract. You can tell children in two ways and combine them: In practice and in theory, therefore, as an experiential state or as an experienceable element.
  • You can teach your child a watch and read with him the watch, then you can do something together, drawing z. B. something or take a walk or eat something. Then re-read the clock from and discuss with your child how long you, therefore, how much time you have taken to perform the activity. Next you can tell your child that now is the activity in the past that you have looked already at the clock in even earlier past and now is the present in which you again remeasure the duration. Then talk about plans for the (near) future, and place a fixed duration. For example, you can say: ". We now take fifteen minutes to read".
  • To explain in a theoretical way, you can use metaphors or stories and tales. You may invent or access to existing (see below).
  • As a metaphor probably best suited to a path. You can tell your child that time is such a long way. You get going and running in this way. The path that has been laid back, is the past and the piece that you're listening to is the present, what you have before you is the future. In this way you can do different things. You can stop and eat and drink, to sleep, or you can meet with friends. These stations are instants. Explain that with each step, the present to the past and the future becomes the present.

Stories about time

  • There are various tales and stories for children that deal with the issue. If you want to explain this topic to your children, you can fall back on these stories. Related stories are about growing up or the like.
  • Michael Ende's "Momo" nicely describes what time and what you need it and deal with it as people. It also describes how many people are trying to save them, and what is really important in life.
  • The rock fairy tale about the little dragon "Tabaluga" discussed in beautiful songs growing up, as well as differences in the perception of things as well as the time ansich. There are now Tabaluga as a musical, film etc.
  • In the Grimm Brothers fairy tale finds repeatedly the subject of time, as in the fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen.
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