What look?

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What look?

The spectacle is just one of countless optical instruments.

Optics is the science of light

  • Literally, the term optical means as much as the doctrine of the visible. but is Commonly that part of physics meant by dealing with the light. It is primarily concerned with the propagation of light to its interaction with matter and of course how much it of sensors - is taken - as the eyes.
  • The optics has in addition to the theoretical and a practical facet of the same name. Here it is less about the exploration of light, as a lot more to the production of optical devices. Space telescopes fall just below here as a magnifying glass or a laser. It is important that the technical aspect of the optics is not associated with the physics but the engineering.

What phenomena falling within the Department

  • In school, the focus is put on the geometrical optics. This deals with the history of light rays and the refractive of this when they run about through a prism or a lens. Popular this topic mainly because up using its simply leaves explain how a pair of glasses or the human eye works. Also, the interaction of light with surfaces to which it impinges is treated.
  • Another large portion is the so-called wave optics. This deals with the wave nature of light and examined phenomena such as interference or polarization, which are due to this property of light. Reminder: light is both particle and wave simultaneously. Although this area is an essential component of the research, but is often neglected in school a little.