What matters to the living space? - To calculate the square footage correctly

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What matters to the living space?  - To calculate the square footage correctly

A heated conservatory count in full for the living area.

  • The living area is Regulation (WoFlV), which entered into force since January 1, 2004, explained the legal interpretation of living space. The introduction of WoFlV is a uniform basis for calculating the floor space - for all types of housing - guaranteed.
  • The indication of the number of square meters of living space - in leases concluded after 31.12.2003, must be carried out according to the rules of WoFlV. For older leases that have been signed before 1 January 2004 have the old regulation - relating to the §§ 42 44 II Calculation Regulation -. Based.

With the WoFlV crediting the floor space of balconies, swimming pools and conservatories was revised.

What is counted as 100% for living space?

  • Your normal living space - incl. Storage rooms, which are located within your home - with a ceiling height from 2 meters - are completely at your living space.
  • For your full living space including living room and bedroom, kitchen, several utility rooms, hallway, bathroom and toilet.
  • Swimmer baths and conservatories, which can be heated, also include fully to living space.

What is counted to 50% for living space?

  • All living rooms and roof pitches - with a ceiling height of at least 1 meter and less than 2 meters - are only in half counted for living space.
  • Can not be heated conservatories and swimming pools, the base of which is only half full count.
  • . After the calculation II Regulation applies - for older leases - that balconies, roof gardens or loggias up to 50% can be counted with the living space.
  • Terraces are expected in rental agreements, which are based on the II. Computation ordinance, not for living space added.

What is counted as 25% of living space?

  • After WoFlV however usually balconies and loggias are only a quarter of credited. Only high quality and features of loggias, balconies etc. The base can be counted up to half.
  • Note that in contrast to the II Berechnungsverordnung -. When the regime also terraces with the floor space shall be counted.
  • If your balcony or terrace area with 50% counted, you should check carefully whether the design of which is really complicated enough to justify the higher credit.
  • If your balcony at a bad side - for example, a high-traffic road - is, you decide whether or not possibly even a reduction in the credit area under 25% is possible.

What is not counted in the living space?

  • Accessories spaces such as basement, attic, laundry room, garage or storage room outside your home are not compensable living space.
  • Living room area, which holds less than 1 meter ceiling height is counted under any circumstances for living space.
  • The floor area of ​​rooms that do not withstand the structural requirements of the building code law may be considered, either.

Correct area calculations - how it works

For area calculations you need a ruler and a square calculator:

  • To determine your actual living space, you first need to - identify the corresponding base area for each room.
  • The footprint is calculated as length x width.
  • If your rooms be angled, divide them into rectangles. Add up the results of each rectangle and write down the bases of the individual rooms.
  • Wear the individual base areas into a Übersichtslste. Eg Kitchen: 3m x 4m = 12m², hall: 2m x 3m = 6m², etc.
  • Determine then - for each individual room - the actual living space. For example, kitchen: 12m² to 100% = 12m², bedroom (with attic): 24m² to 50% = 12m², balcony: 8m² to 25% = 2m².
  • Add in the last step together all actual living room areas. To get the real living space.
  • Would you like to facilitate the work, you can use the Internet - for free - use a square calculator. You only need to enter your established base areas of your individual rooms, and the actual living space is calculated in a few moments for you.
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