What's on the left side of the abdomen? - Overview

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What's on the left side of the abdomen?  - Overview

Overview of the internal organs.

Organs of the left side of the abdomen

  1. As a woman you have in the bottom half of the left side of the abdomen, the ovaries with fallopian tubes.
  2. A large part of the abdominal cavity takes the intestines to complete. The small intestine is a long tube, which is distributed in the abdominal cavity. The colon runs quasi square once around your belly. He starts doing right, then goes up, runs under the costal arch along and then left down to the rectum.
  3. The pancreas starts right from the solar plexus with her head, then goes to the body and ends left with her tail.
  4. Your stomach is also localized for the most part left. However, a part and look right, so problems can manifest themselves very differently.
  5. Also on the left is your spleen. It is close to look at the left costal margin.

When abdominal pain fast action is important

  • The entire abdominal cavity is covered by the peritoneum. If, due to various causes pain on the left side of the abdomen, this can not only be connected to the different institutions, but also from an inflammation of the peritoneum. The abdominal wall is often very hard and the pain is very strong. You should consult the doctor immediately.
  • Even the heart can make abdominal pain. The pain radiates not always to the left arm or the chin, but may be felt in the upper abdomen. They can occur due to a heart attack and are also an absolute emergency.
  • Generally, you should always with abdominal pain that does not disappear on their own or even worse, go to the doctor. There may be inflammation.
  • Because are not suitable in inflammation home remedies like hot water bottles, but can worsen the symptoms, you should not experiment with many different means, but for treatment.
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