What's pictures varnish? - Statement

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What's pictures varnish?  - Statement

Through images varnish impressive gloss effects can be achieved.

The features of images varnish

In Picture Varnish is a transparent protective coating, which is usually used for fixing of paintings. Especially in oil paintings is often resorted to images varnish to protect the surface.

  • Picture Varnish should not be confused with the so-called varnish in the field of wood preservatives. The latter is in fact nothing more than boiled linseed oil, which meets as a paint and binder a completely different purpose.
  • A distinction is also at pictures varnish between an intermediate varnish and final varnish. While it is the duty of the latter to protect the image surface and to seal, former serves for images with several layers of paint to bring the colors better to light.
  • As Picture Varnish is usually used beeswax or natural resin dammar. These two materials are characterized by different properties and should therefore also be applied accordingly.

What should be considered when applying the protective coating?

  • Picture Varnish of beeswax is an excellent natural preservative, which makes the colors better advantage and the image addition gives a silky gloss.
  • Since wax is not suited for some reason as a base for applying other colors, beeswax should be used when painting not as an intermediate varnish.
  • Damar is, though, both as an intermediate varnish as a final varnish. It also differs from beeswax in that it provides a high-gloss image surface.

Beeswax and damar can be to influence the gloss incidentally also mix. If you want to change or replace the images varnish, you can also remove the old protective layer easily with turpentine.

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