What's septic?

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What's septic?

Pathogenic bacteria can cause sepsis.

What septic is - simply explained

  • A septic wound occurs, for example by contamination with pathogenic germs. Such septic wound must be supplied and treated in any case by a specialist.
  • to widths the germs in your body, it can lead to sepsis. In this case, hospitalization is usually necessary. Sepsis can be a life-threatening condition. That is, they can be fatal.
  • A charmless, not infected wound is aseptically contrary. So a wound that healed without complications.

This allows you to behave in order to avoid a septic wound

  • If you have a wound, no matter how big or small it may be, you should always observe good. When making signs of inflammation, such as redness, heating, swelling of the skin or pus formation, noticeable, you should always let them all by a doctor.
  • Even after surgery, you should comply with the inspection appointments with the doctor necessarily. He can best judge whether your wound or surgical scar healed without complications.
  • If you treat a wound, you should always put special attention to your hand hygiene. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water and disinfect your hands with a skin disinfectant.
  • For small abrasions you should always clean the wound with a skin disinfectant and cover clean. For example, with a wound dressing or in small wounds with a bandage.
  • Let also control your vaccinated against tetanus regularly.
  • A septic wound, you should always clean from the inside out. So always facing the wound to distribute the pathogenic germs is not a large area of ​​the surrounding skin.
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