What's vegetation? - To explain it understandable

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What's vegetation?  - To explain it understandable

The vegetation includes plants occurring.

What does "vegetation"?

  • The vegetation is a collective term for all plants and plant forms that grow in a certain area. Another term for this is plant community. The term is broader than that of the flora, in which it only comes to the occurring plant species.
  • A distinction is made between different vegetation zones, which are oriented approximately at the climate zones. The vegetation of an area is also driven by local events and influences, and not least by humans. Since there are relatively many different factors which influence the vegetation, the diversity in these is very pronounced.

Different categories of vegetation

  • A vegetation type, which is now in many places hardly to be found, is the original natural vegetation. This term is used when an area and its flora have not been affected by humans.
  • The original natural vegetation precludes the potential natural vegetation. This excludes a primitive state, but describes the vegetation, which is possible in a given area, by human intervention.
  • The actual state of an area is referred to as real vegetation. Here is no longer a distinction between human influence and native vegetation. So it is a pure inventory.
  • The climax vegetation eventually called a vegetation that has evolved for specific developments in an area. This condition is considered to be relatively stable, but does not mean that can change again him more external factors not.
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