What size is the right one? - How to measure your feet

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What size is the right one?  - How to measure your feet

Only with the matching shoes your feet stay healthy.

to find shoes of the right size can be difficult. Especially since not everyone knows exactly what size he really has. Oppressive shoes, Fußverformungen and unloved bubbles may result from badly fitting footwear. To prevent this, it is explained in the following instructions, you must pay attention to find out the appropriate size.

To measure your feet from

To determine the correct size, you need to measure your feet. How exactly, you will learn here.

  1. Measure your feet absolutely afternoon. At this time your feet with heat, prolonged standing and walking are a little swollen. The only way to avoid having to buy accidentally little shoes.
  2. Pull out both socks and ask yourself now on a piece of paper.
  3. Thus the result is not distorted by small movements, ask another person to carefully edge your feet with a pencil.
  4. Now you can even become active again by vertically (not diagonally) Measure the length of both footprints with a ruler. This is the longest way, so usually the big toe to heel, the right amount.

Determine the correct size

Now it is only a matter to determine your correct shoe size, you should proceed as follows.

  1. Make a note of the measured length of your feet.
  2. If you notice that one foot is larger than the other, you have to start from the greater value.
  3. Now you can drag and consult http://www.schuhgroessentabelle.net/ basis of which read your correct shoe size with your measured values ​​a shoe size chart, z. B..
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