What to do about fleas? - Tips for Families

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What to do about fleas?  - Tips for Families

Fleas are very unpleasant lodgers. Thomas_Förstermann / Pixelio

Find out more about fleas advance

Fleas are characterized by a diversity of species, because there are more than 2,500 flea species. Since fleas are only about 1 to 2 mm long, you can easily overlook. They have an extremely hard shell, they even protection from other people to be trampled. There are red-brown fleas, brown and black. The wingless insects are unable to fly, but can jump up to 40 cm wide. They speed it 100 times faster than a Formula 1 racing car. At the ends of their legs 6 have fleas claws, which they use to cling to the hair of their host animals. Due to its flat body shape fleas can easily penetrate between the hair to the skin. This cut through then with their needle-like, sawtooth pine, to reach the blood as food. For a meal fleas take about 15 times its own weight in blood to himself. Thus fortified can fleas survive up to 2 months without taking other food. Flea bites itch not only strong but can also transfer many pathogens such as typhoid. It is very unpleasant and the fact that fleas can transmit other parasites such as tapeworms by their bite. A flea population is growing very fast, so they should intervene quickly and take action against the fleas.

The four life cycles of fleas

Fleas go through in their lives four cycles, where they hop the shortest time as fleas through the area.

  1. Female fleas lay 20 to 50 eggs per day. Under optimal conditions, such as a warm temperature and a humidity of 75% hatch from the eggs after 2 days the larvae.
  2. The stage of the larvae lasts about 2 weeks. Flea larvae feed on organic remains such as crumbs or dander.
  3. After 2 weeks the larvae retire to dark, warm and moist angle. They do this in order to pupate. The shell of the doll is extremely hard, at this stage, you can do little against the fleas. The duration of this stage can last up to 6 months, as the adult flea persists so long in the doll until it receives signals that cause it to slip.
  4. These signals may be a gust of wind, the perceived heat of a pet or the carbon dioxide content in the air, which is caused by host animals. Fleas can then hatch within 2 seconds. The life expectancy of fleas is about 4 months.

These warning signs you recognize the impending plague flea

  1. Your pet, whether dog or cat, begins striking amount and extensively to scratch.
  2. You will find the beds of your pet flea eggs and flea dirt. Both together looks like you have scattered salt and pepper.
  3. You may find places hair loss in your animals. To this occurs as a response to the bite of the fleas.
  4. If you examine your pet, you will find dark spots on the skin.
  5. Your children have multiple flea bites that are close together because your children particularly like to snuggle with your pet on arms and legs.

How to proceed as a family against fleas

If you want to take action against the fleas, you must also clean all the areas where your pet stays happy and much, because the fleas are introduced by your pet. Unfortunately, fleas feel in apartments throughout the year well, allowing you to be afflicted in every season of fleas.

  • You must treat your entire home. Clean your furniture, rugs and sleeping areas of the pet with a steam cleaner. The heat will kill the fleas and larvae. Since the eggs are not killed and again larvae hatch from these past 2 days, you should perform this procedure several times at intervals of 2 days.
  • What you should also do is to change the sheets all your bedding and wash the linen drawn at least 60 °. Then you should still give this possible in the dryer. Just make sure you kill all the larvae, fleas and eggs.
  • You should also cuddly toys your children and car seats vacuum and steam clean that it also like to hold on to the fleas and, waiting for their host, the child.
  • Suck your carpets regularly and extensively and then empty the contents into a separate trash bags to dispose of even the same.
  • At one extreme infestation, they must proceed with flea control products. This should be done only when all other measures to prevent the fleas are not sufficient, as the chemicals contained are not healthy.

Here's what you can do to prevent

  • Comb your pet regularly with a flea comb.
  • Give your pet vitamin B1 into the lining. This odor may not fleas and let your pet from. Vitamin B1 is, for example, in brewer's yeast.
  • What else can also do is to always suck regularly and pay attention to the first signs of fleas.
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