What to do about lipoedema? - Tips on diet

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What to do about lipoedema?  - Tips on diet

Pay attention to the diet at lipoedema.

What is a lipoedema?

  • From a lipoedema, also known as jodhpurs disease, women are predominantly affected. Being overweight is not the cause of a lipoedema but favors the disease. So it's not important to pay attention to a normal body weight.
  • A lipoedema is an innate, not acquired condition. Congenital disorder of fat distribution relates to the arms and legs. It is caused by pathologically altered fat cells and is not comparable with a cellulitis. The legs are much more frequently affected than the arms. Sometimes, however, occurs a combination of the affected limbs.
  • Foot and hand back mostly stay slim while hips and thighs are the most affected areas of the body.
  • The reasons why there is a pathologically increased accumulation of subcutaneous fat is not known yet. However, since almost exclusively affects women and there are often bursts in a family, one goes from a hormonal cause with genetic predisposition from.
  • The assumption that a lipoedema has hormonal reasons, is due to the fact that the disease breaks out during puberty and very often worse in pregnancy and afterwards. Unfortunately, the course of the disease is unpredictable.
  • Lipedema always occur on both limbs. So there are always both legs or arms affected. Women with lipoedema have a narrow upper body, which does not seem to fit the much broader lower body. If you are affected by a lipoedema, you have strong hip pads, fat deposits on the thighs, the so-called jodhpur thighs and fat bulges on the inner knee regions.
  • During the day also occur water retention in the legs with you. The legs are heavy and painful. The legs are painful on palpation. You bruise more easily and insect bites ignite in the swollen tissue quickly. Wounds heal poorly.

What you can do yourself to a disorder of fat distribution

  • Are you affected by lipoedema, you can do something against the symptoms and a worsening of the disease. Especially the diet plays a role in the course.
  • Although obesity is not the cause of a lipoedema, but is not favorable for the course. Try therefore possible to pursue a normal weight. Make your diet in order, so you can do something against deterioration of lipoedema.
  • Avoid rich and sugary foods. Access prefer to lean sausage, meat and cheeses. Poultry and fish should be on your menu.
  • Salt efficient, it is better if you use fresh herbs. Lean dairy products are highly recommended.
  • Fruits and vegetables should be on your menu at the top. At least 3 to 5 servings of fresh fruit or vegetables you should eat each day, if you change your diet.
  • Start your day with a sugar-free muesli and access rather wholegrain products. White flour bread you should avoid if possible.
  • To a change in diet, it also means sports. Swimming, walking or cycling has a favorable effect on your lipoedema. In winter you can also make cross-country skiing. All these activities promote the decongestion of edema.
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