What to do business IT? - Find out the job description

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What to do business IT?  - Find out the job description

Wirtschaftsinformatiker plan IT systems.

What to do Wirtschaftsinformatiker

This can run all operational business processes well structured in companies, business data are used.

  • As Wirtschaftsinformatiker develop and plan communication systems and information systems for businesses and companies. Furthermore, set as a business data processing systems developed and wait also.
  • In addition, analyzing the business data already used systems and revised as appropriate.
  • The software, which is used in factories, include,. As programs for payrolls and payslips and programs for production control and customer management.
  • In addition, you do consultations and planning sessions with clients. Here, the operational situation is analyzed and planned the required system.
  • As Wirtschaftsinformatiker They are the interface between business and communication and information technology. Thus, you should have knowledge in both areas.
  • Your workplace are companies which developed operating software and distribute. Furthermore, you can be active in almost all economic sectors.

Information on studying

To work as business data, you must first make a study. For two courses are possible.

  • For this purpose are primarily the courses in business computer science (Bachelor), business computer science (Master) in question.
  • Furthermore, you can also study computer science with a Bachelor's degree or Master's degree. Here, you should set the major field of study in business computer science.
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