What to do when you miss someone? - To distract himself

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What to do when you miss someone?  - To distract himself

A letter can be a Heartline.

Who misses usually someone who thinks day and night at precisely this one man. This can be tiring in the long run, and sometimes you are your concentration also still need to do other things. Thus the time of separation is not too bad, you should provide some distraction.

carry someone deep in the heart

  • The professional life today requires a high degree of flexibility, and this affects in many a partnership. If you are among those who lead a long distance relationship, because you work at two different locations, then you will see your partner or your partner only on weekends or even less frequently.
  • Although the time of separation is completed by the professional life, you might be missing your partner and you miss him on some lonely nights especially - if you would rather be doing something together.
  • Then it's not moping, but to make the period of separation aware. Take the time, for example, for things that you would not take second even.
  • Visit, for example where you work one way, once or twice in the evening intensively for sport - best in a group. Because the contact with many initially unknown people will distract you from your pain of separation.
  • From such a sports group also friendships develop, which you can maintain at your workplace.

Missing but not forgotten

  • If you have a romantic side, you can feel to miss someone, add in a letter and thus make easier to bear. With a letter in so doing also something good.
  • So how about it, once in the evening to sit by candlelight and good music, and to write a handwritten letter?
  • You should the letter actually prefer to write with his hand when typing on the computer. So you tend to feel something very personal to do and you can let it flow over his hand in the text your feelings.
  • Crown the letter but with a little rhyming love poem. As you write such a letter, you will think very hard on the other people, and as you make through the letter to connect to it, these thoughts will be less painful.

Who misses someone, often suffers quietly to himself - if he does not find ways to give his feelings a valve. A handwritten letter would be such an opportunity for you.

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