What to write in a condolence? - So you succeed empathetic lines

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What to write in a condolence?  - So you succeed empathetic lines

A flower arrangement expresses compassion.

What you write in bereavement?

What to write in a condolence? This is a question a lot of people, who are confronted with a sudden death message. Since the death of a well-known and beloved person not only a self personally very close to going, some important points should be considered in order not to unnecessarily offend the recipient of condolence when writing a funeral card.

  • Since a lot of people just in case, do not know what to write in a mourning card, most Trauerkarten be designed very impersonal. A compulsory written card with a brief condolence message but also from grieving relatives understood as such.
  • To show that you can see the condolence message not only as pure duty, therefore, belong to a Trauerkarte some personal words.

The special circumstances decide what goes into a Trauerkarte

  • Given the sad situation, it is often difficult to express its sympathy to the point. Prefabricated Trauerkarten there are commercially more than enough. In many cases these are already provided with a short text condolences. Whether one leaves it, depends not only on how well you were friends with the families of the dead. Similarly, the fact of death and the age of death play an important role in what you wrote in a condolence.
  • Is it at the or the deceased to an elderly person whose death has already been longer in sight, one could express its sympathy in that one writes, to see the death of the person concerned as a redemption. Optionally could be the members also comfort themselves that the or the dead could look back on a fulfilling and satisfying life.
  • When sudden and unexpected death of a not so elderly, special caution is advised to avoid unnecessarily hurting the condolences receiver. The text in this respect should be less maintained concrete and an indication of the cause of death should be omitted wherever possible. In this case, would be a tight but well-intentioned "we know how do you feel" or "we feel with you" attached.
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