What we cook Easter?

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What we cook Easter?

A delicious dish for Easter - for example, pork tenderloin with raspberry sauce.

cook delicious and time saving at Easter

  1. Cook to cook this delicious dish for Easter, first the fruit of the wine on, then remove the pan from the cooking zone and turn this mixture through a sieve. This will remove the seeds from the sauce and may involve the liquid then pour back into the pan.
  2. Then crush the red pepper and pour this into the raspberry sauce.
  3. The meat place now in a sufficiently large bowl, give Himbeersud it and close the bowl well. The meat can now sit overnight and is further processed the next day.
  4. In a pan, let the butter with the sugar caramelize and fry the meat and drained only very briefly it to. Then enter the Himbeersud it, and leave all together in a closed pan about 15 minutes at low heat simmer. Shortly before the end of cooking enter croquettes in the preheated oven and can cause the same time as the pork.
  5. If you have a large roasting pan, then you can use the meat for the dish that you cook on Easter, after searing in the oven and cook at 150 degrees. Thus, the flavor is more intense, you can now and then the meat with a little raspberry sauce, which you now have to taste with salt and pepper, sprinkle.
  6. Then warming at a meat plate and serve the sliced ​​roast with raspberry sauce. To garnish, you can also lay still fresh raspberries on the meat plate.
  7. Serve with a mixed salad, also dressed with raspberry vinegar, very good. You save with this meat dish a lot of time, because a day before Easter the food is prepared, and the actual cooking process thereby is very short.
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