"What you take for an interview with?" - So it will be a success

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"What you take for an interview with?"  - So it will be a success

With positive attitude to the interview.

The invitation to an interview time some preparations begin. Do you have several invitations for a week, set the dates so that you can start with less interesting companies.

The invitation to an interview, the preparation begins

  • If you were invited to an interview, that does not not mean that it also takes the company. You have to convince future managers and recruiters with your personality.
  • Gather in preparation for your job interview as much information about the company as you can muster.
  • At least you should know a website of the company. For large companies, see the Internet ample information.
  • In the interview, you need to confidently act and present yourself convincingly.
  • Since you about the classic question, what are your strengths and weaknesses, will not fail, lie cope suitable answers.

What documents you take to talk with

Grab you should your application not as a loose-leaf collection. What an applicant takes the call, you will see listed below.

  • Please take the invitation letter and copies of your covering letter with (application documents).
  • It is also convenient to have at hand the job posting as a computer print or newspaper ad, as there usually specific details are taken from the corporate side.
  • The phone number of the personnel department plus the name of the contact you have at hand. It may be that before talking again need to contact.
  • Your work samples limit to essentials. In the interview, it depends on you as a person and your presentation. The HR will not take the time here to study any documents.
  • Do not forget the list of your own questions and, of course, appropriate writing utensils.

There are some things that you should also note for the interview. Be on time. They travel if necessary to one day in advance. Avoid alcohol and tobacco smell. Remember, you have only one opportunity for this interview.

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