WhatsApp: Error 403 - what to do?

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WhatsApp: Error 403 - what to do?

Error 403 - you can do. ME / Pixelio

Unable to communicate?

  • The application WhatsApp is running on a particular server and always therefore requires an Internet connection. If the data stream is not properly transferred or sent, it may be that the application, a message radiates (Error 403).
  • This means that you want to access either something forbidden, which is not supported by the server (Error 403 (forbidden) prohibited) or that a sufficient connection exists.
  • The most common reason for this is a problem in the transmission or connection.
  • Accordingly, it is usually not at the first attempt possible to resolve this. There are different variants. However, if not all of the methods described below "bear fruit", so all that remains is the possibility to inform the provider or to be set up the program by an expert.

WhatsApp Error 403 - so you fix it

  1. Since the message does not make precise statements and merely considered a "general error or banning message", you must first find the cause.
  2. Ideally, you should check the same program on another phone or your PC to ensure proper operation. Does the software on the other device properly, so you know that it is due to the settings of the current smart phones or the connection either. It is best to carry out such tasks on a completely different Internet connection.
  3. Should this cause any problems on the other device, it may be that the device settings were configured incorrectly in your mobile phone. Check the settings. Call up the "Settings" menu and select "WhatsApp". Make sure now that all the settings are set correctly and according to your wishes. Take any appropriate amendments.
  4. If the problem persists, disconnect your phone from the Internet connection (WLAN or the connection via the network operator) and also sign up from the app from. Now connect yourself with the network and once it is re-established with the application.
  5. The message still exists? Now helps only the radical method. Remove WhatsApp from your phone to make it completely reinstall afterwards. These are, however, to note something important: So that you can load again free to your mobile application, you must save it on your computer in iTunes. Proceed as follows: Transfer all your apps in the iTunes program by selecting "Synchronize" button click. Make sure after this operation, if the applications really are on your PC.
  6. Now you can disconnect the phone from the computer and delete WhatsApp. When you re-connect the smartphone to the PC and then "synchronize" the app is back on your device.
  7. Now, however, you have to expect that you need to make all the settings again and written messages are lost. Check before using again the settings of the application.
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