WhatsApp issues - so you can solve this

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WhatsApp issues - so you can solve this

WhatsApp is one of the most popular apps.

Update WhatsApp

If your installed version of WhatsApp have over a long period problems as starting difficulties or Internet connection failure, you should update it on the Google Play Store.

  1. Start either the Google Play Store on your phone or in your internet browser.
  2. Enter in the search bar the word "WhatsApp" and be sure not to download potentially malicious software. Be sure to check that the developer of the app "WhatsApp Inc." are and no other.
  3. Tap "WhatsApp" and click under the name "Update".
  4. Your installed version to be overwritten with a newer and all problems should have been resolved.
  5. If under the name no button that says "Update", the so installing your WhatsApp version has been faulty. Install the app again in this case.

If problems persist with the app

Do you have the instructions above steps followed and the problems with your WhatsApp version still exist, so the serious fault is in the system or in the system settings of your smartphone. Observe the following tips to the problems and to troubleshoot further.

  • Check if the Internet settings of your smartphone and your Anbieters.Unter the menu item "Access points," which is the same for all smart phones, is an address in the form "web.IhrAnbieter.de" or "internet.IhrAnbieter.de". Should there be something else, so it is a system error. Just change the address in one of the specified forms. Problems with the Internet access of WhatsApp are now fixed.
  • Should further errors occur, so you should update your system completely. This works very simply by tapping the "About phone" menu on the "Software Updates". Your phone is then brought up to date and remove any errors in the system.
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