WhatsApp problem with the transfer - solutions

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WhatsApp problem with the transfer - solutions

WhatsApp allows free "texting".

WhatsApp shows you clearly if messages were delivered

Have you ever wondered what they mean, the green check mark next to your sent message? One could assume that this signal that the person contacted your messages both received and opened, so read has.

  • In fact, means a single hook next to your WhatsApp message that the message has been received by the service and is immediately forwarded to the intended recipient, if no problems arise shipping. The message will reach your destination as when the person turns your phone or the Internet connection of the smartphone is activated.
  • Two green check mark next to your WhatsApp message, you will see that the SMS has arrived on the mobile phone of your contact. so is available for retrieval. Furthermore, if the text has already been read by the recipient, but the two hooks do not say anything yet.

Published the second hook not only very late or a small clock will be displayed instead of the hooks, so the application WhatsApp has seemingly a little, but mostly temporary problem with the transmission.

Problems when sending a message are fast tracked

  • Basically, the lack of green tick, symbolizing a successful oaks messaging, or even the longer fade a clock next to your message just sent a temporary problem in connecting to the Internet or is partly due to server-side disruptions from the service provider. These are also likely to be only temporary.
  • Now you can simply wait until any adverse circumstances have disappear - about poor reception conditions in railways or a slower Internet connection via the mobile GPRS system - and again, there is a more stable stream.
  • Are those factors actually exclude, for example, if you use a local wireless connection, so a restart of your mobile phone or disabling and re-enabling the Internet connection problems with the messaging via WhatsApp could help.
  • A kurzeitiges on and off the airplane mode may thereby help to be able to use the app again in full screen.
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