When Canon i865 replace cartridges - that you should be aware

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When Canon i865 replace cartridges - that you should be aware

Cartridges have different capacities.

For better print quality: An extra cartridge for black

The Canon i865 uses the so-called "Single Ink technology". In other words, this means that the printer for each color using a separate cartridge.

  • In addition, this printer an additional color is used, which is to provide for a better contrast when printing.
  • This is an additional black ink cartridge. Overall, therefore, are in the printer five individual ink tanks.
  • Like many other models of the manufacturer a so-called permanent print head is also used in the Canon i865, which is not substituted with the cartridge exchange.
  • In addition to use separate ink tanks for each color also this fact to reduce the consequential costs contributes.
  • The use of black to ensure a significant improvement in image quality, especially in photo printing.

You should base the cartridges Replacing the Canon i865

  • To achieve the best print quality of your prints, you had better have recourse to the originals in the ink tanks.
  • But not only to achieve maximum print quality using original cartridges is advantageous but also during the warranty period of your device. In particular, the refilling of the ink container can cause the warranty of your device will be canceled.
  • As with many other printer models, you should then replace the ink tank, as soon as the first signs Set an empty print cartridge and the Canon i865. This can be seen from the fact that your printouts are streaky. Another printing with empty cartridges (even if only a single color is missing) is not advisable, as this can possibly damage the printhead.
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