When controlling an internship - so it can work

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When controlling an internship - so it can work

Win with practical insight into controlling activities and accounting

Meet Controlling as operational tool for managing

  • Companies need for their planning, control and analysis of business data a region which serves as a control function: controlling.
  • Differences are detected in several areas in the course of controlling measures, appropriate specialists must be in a relatively short time to be able to counteract and to optimize the operation.
  • Without this field today is unlikely to succeed to maximize profit. So current figures with the previous year compared and new targets to be included in the overall operating plan.
  • So controllers require reliable numbers from the accounting and the accounting that can be realistically controlled and processed.
  • The topics "budgets" and "financial statements" should represent for you as a candidate for an internship so no foreign territories.
  • A classic service in Controlling area will be the development and preparation of documents for discussion at meetings of the Executive for you.
  • If you want to show operational during an internship, you should have already gained experience with an Excel system, so you make the design and the making of meaningful tables little trouble.
  • You will surely gain an insight into the areas of production, purchasing, accounting, marketing, sales structure and networking during the employees in the company.

use internship in the commercial sector for training priorities

  • If your training Regulation an internship in controlling area is required, you should seek time to the job in a larger company.
  • For this you should be able to create a current candidate wallet or dispense a desired online application after consultation with the company.
  • In an online application, you should (usually PDF) check the relevant annexes to the size and format. Also pay attention that you establish with resume and cover letter why you are a suitable candidate for an internship in the field of accounting.
  • Description. The content of your training and experience gained in this commercial area and make it clear that you are committed and eager to get involved as valuable / Contractor or employee in the company

If you are invited to have successfully applied for a job interview, you should leave a positive impression. Then you can look forward to the setting optimistic.

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