When do you need a building permit? - Notes

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When do you need a building permit?  - Notes

Building permits object security and legal peace.

The construction or modification of building projects is governed by the state building codes of the federal states. Package specifications as to when you need a building permit, there is not. Much is stipulated in individual cases in the law. Packages can say that every large building that provides certain structural requirements or may affect the interests of neighbors, is planning permission subject only.

Clarify the situation with a Bauvoranfrage

  • The easiest way is if you go to your local building department and ask there suggested as to when you need a specific project planning permission is. The more accurately you describe your project, the more detailed answers you will get.
  • You can also provide a formal Bauvoranfrage that you clarify the admissibility in doubt and avoid having to draw up a costly planning application.
  • The approval process is sufficient before the exemption for residential buildings of low to medium height on a simplified procedure through to traditional building permit process.

The purpose of use determines when the planning authority codecision

  • It is important to use purpose. So it comes down to whether you want to build a house, a garage or garden shed. At Garden House is important if you want to there only insinuate bicycles or even people to stay. Of course, base and volume determine the question of when you need a building permit.
  • Not least, it depends on the location on your property that may significantly affect the interests of neighbors. Furthermore, it depends on whether your site in periphery area, located in the interior or in the scope of a development plan.

Up to 30 m³ usually no building permit required

  • Generally, you should assume the building without lounges up to a capacity of 30 square meters are usually require approval indoors. Build contrast outside a garden shed, you have to spend a permit requirement.
  • Even if you do not require a building permit for your project, you still need to take into account the stipulations of any existing development plan. Whether there is a development plan for your area, inquire at your local authority.
  • Note that conservatories, as well as greenhouses, are almost always building permit fee. The same is true for patio roofs, carports and garages. Small animal stables are due to their use up to 5 square meters of enclosed space as a building permit free.

Building needs planning security

  • Always keep in mind that the building code authority you even after many years still can cause to demolish an unauthorized construction on his own expense.
  • So it is always cheaper, advance to clarify as to when you need a building permit. If necessary, contact an architect and seek advice.
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