When Job Centre measures reject - explains possible sanctions Overview

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When Job Centre measures reject - explains possible sanctions Overview

Hartz IV can also meet the middle class.

The regulations in the SGB II or to the Hartz IV benefits are under the principle of "challenge and support". To what extent is given a conveying it in each individual case, may be debatable. Disregard of claims, but must reckon with serious consequences.

refuse without good cause measures the Job Center

  • The SGB II contains detailed provisions on the legal consequences of a breach of duty. § 31a SGB II distinguishes between working benefit recipients who are 25 years or older and those who are younger.
  • One measure the job center may consist, for example, participate in a job application training. Who then does not comply with such a request, the action aborts or gives a reason that he can participate in it no longer has to face the consequences. See § 31 para. 1 sentence 1 no. 3 in conjunction with § 31a para. 1 SGB II.
  • This, however, only if he give a valid reason for his behavior and this also evidence in case of doubt can see. § 31 para. 1 sentence 2 SGB II.
  • An important reason for example, could consist of a disease, is then submitted a medical certificate for the.
  • In the first sentence, the ALG II reduced by 30 percent of the control requirement, at a repeated breach of duty without good cause by 60 percent, in a further breach the ALG II can then even completely eliminated, s. § 31a para. 1 SGB II.

Penalties for under-25s

  • Who is not yet 25 years old, you should think very carefully whether he should reject measures at job centers without good cause.
  • Because at the first breach of duty or the initial rejection of a measure that ALG II is usually limited to the benefits for accommodation and heating.
  • Here then under certain circumstances only food stamps than monetary benefits into consideration. See § 31a para. 3 sentence 1 SGB II.
  • In extreme cases, the ALG II completely dispensed with repeated rejection or discontinuance of measures, ie that the cost of the apartment will not be taken over.

Those who reject the job center measures face tough sanctions. This applies particularly to recipients who are not yet 25 years old.

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