When the body goes to the fat reserves? - It is thus possible with the optimal Fettverbrennungsfreqenz

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When the body goes to the fat reserves?  - It is thus possible with the optimal Fettverbrennungsfreqenz

Classic sports stimulate Fettvebrennung.

When the body's fat burning attaches - worth knowing background information

The question of when the body hits the fat reserves is relevant if you want to directly and effectively get rid of your excess pounds.

  • The fat burning is a mechanism of the body to access at the shortage of readily available energy sources such as glycogen as glucose on alternative sources. Your excess pounds are therefore metabolized once you eat for a long time nothing and move after all.
  • To use this effect, you can do sports in order in conjunction with a sensible, balanced diet over the relatively short period of a few months healthy to lose in this way many pounds without starving.
  • Avoid at best on any diets, but use the "secret" of successful losing weight by making slight changes in diet and undergo parallel facing your desired figure the right exercises.
  • The fat burning takes place at 120 - instead of 140 beats per minute. This you can track individual with a heart rate monitor; the sports trade and the Internet offer many heart rate monitors including training computer with many important additional information to.. This offers the possibility to decrease with sports and nutritional changes in the long term and also to shape the character as you wish by clicking next to the fat loss and certain muscles strong, so that these defined under the skin to emerge.
  • You should avoid some typical sources of fat, either partially or completely and replace them aware through vegetables or fruit. Also warm milk or hot cocoa are very effective in food cravings effectively, in addition you get protein through milk, which in turn positively influenced by the work-outs muscle growth.
  • Do not make the mistake that you are "self-mortification" by without rewards for regular training. Small chocolate bar should still be allowed, because you know that you will not start anyway, because you perform weekly three times your work-outs with motivation and remove anyway.
  • It is important that you know when the body goes to your fat stores. Unless you take before and after exercise only light food, you can after the work-outs and the so-called. Use after-burn effect. Due to the sporting action, which should last about 25 minutes, so that the fat reserves are used as energy storage, keep this mechanism of increased metabolic activity after exercise upright and still burn fat.
  • Eat only low-fat and protein-rich foods, vegetables and fruits, take on less fat while you burn the same time still the body's own fat. In conjunction with sports thus the body is changing rapidly without you give up something. Also, avoid the yo-yo effect, which appears always to diets substantially. This is because you lose while dieting everything important as muscles, water, minerals through the unilateral nature of the diet, and remove fat. Give in to the old habits, you will automatically return to, often more, as your body will be protected from the next "Ausräuberung" by a diet with exercises, you are better served and gain energy instead of losing them.

Go for the fat reserves - attractive sports for slimming

You lose with personally tailored to your motivation exercises the fat reserves. Complete several times a week work-outs with music, so you should feel more motivation to exercise, and drink plenty of mineral water in addition.

  • The optimal fat burning rate can not be reached through classics such as swimming and jogging. You can modern and sport-oriented hula hoop from the sports trade and the Internet relate. The permit specifically designed fitness tires, vary the exercises accordingly, a complete workout for each day, so you 20 - 30 minutes to burn Hüftkreisen daily with a new or conventional tire your fat stores.
  • Even better, it goes to your fat stores if you after some time, if you can rotate the tires long enough, in addition still use exercise belts in Hüftkreisen. You can diagonally from top to bottom or side pull with the arms and relax again. This promotes muscle growth and additionally, it goes to excess fat reserves.
  • You should also always beyond the sport, when you have the ability to perform physical activities, to burn fat in the consciousness. Climbing stairs is a very good exercise.

Inquire about modern home fitness equipment.

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