When will I receive unemployment benefits after the application?

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When will I receive unemployment benefits after the application?

The unemployment benefit request without delay!

When the conditions for the unemployment allowance fulfilled?

  • Basically, employees have to § 142 SGB III entitled to unemployment benefits if they have at least 12 months paid contributions to unemployment insurance. In this Act, the qualifying period is called.
  • Mandatory requirement for entitlement to unemployment benefit is gem. § 16 SGB III, that the worker is unemployed. Mandatory requirement for entitlement to unemployment benefit is gem. § 16 SGB III, that the worker is unemployed. In addition, he must seek an insurance employment, thereby standing the mediation efforts of the Employment Agency are available and have been registered with the employment agency in person unemployed, the Act continues in § 16 SGB III. If these three conditions and the qualifying period have been fulfilled, then gets the applicant his unemployment benefits.
  • According to § 138 SGB III of unemployed both own efforts must prove as are also the mediation efforts of the labor agency. If he does this, then the unemployment benefit may be canceled for lack of participation.

Important - Personal registration as unemployed during the application process

  • The unemployed person must be acc. § 141 SGB III report to the employment agency in person unemployed, namely immediately after learning of the unemployment. In temporary employment of workers must register as jobseekers three months before the contract with the employment agency leakage.
  • Who does not do this, can get a lock time due to a signaling failure. For personal message at the employment agency, you must bring your ID and termination. Your local employee then receives the announcement of being unemployed, giving you the request for unemployment benefits with.
  • This application you have to fill in and obtain and enclose a wage statement from your former employer. In addition, you get called for an appointment with your local employment agency. With the announcement of being unemployed the applicant undertakes to provide to the labor market and available to meet in addition to the own efforts and the brokering of employment agency.

Unemployment benefit applicants get in retrospect

  • If the application documents received by the labor office, then decides the authority whether, when and in what amount you get unemployment benefits. Basically, the unemployment benefit will be paid in arrears. Set the resolution as at 04.05.2013, then you get the first performance on 31.05.2013 transferred to your account.
  • Please keep in mind that the performance of the employment agency can of course only be transferred in time, if you have submitted all the necessary documents at the employment agency. Unemployment benefit is always paid only after the application to the Authority. From the date of application you will be entitled to the services of the Employment Agency. Are you, for example, on 01 June, unemployed and make the request but only on 06 June, so you get only from the June 06, cash benefits.
  • Therefore, it is advisable to submit the application immediately the next day of unemployment. Only when all the documents are available and meets all the requirements, then the performance of the labor agency shall be paid.
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