When you have to cut branches, so that they bloom at Easter? - Then you should make

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When you have to cut branches, so that they bloom at Easter?  - Then you should make

If you cut the branches in time, flourish püntklich for Easter.

  • Easter is celebrated between March 22 and April 25, so it is a so-called "flexible" holiday. Therefore, it is clear that one can not make sweeping statements when to cut your branches so that they bloom in time for Easter in the vase.
  • In general: You should cut the branches 10-20 days before Easter and then treated similarly as one - does the Barbara branches so-called - the middle of winter. On "Barabaratag" (December 4) can namely also cut branches - namely, of which at Christmas it is hoped that the bloom. One can namely branches stimulate bloom, driving, so to speak.

Which branches you can cut

  • In addition to the "typical" Easter branches forsythia and pussy willow also fresh and ornamental cherry, hazelnut and Cornelian flower reliably even when Easter is very early in the year. Trees like peach or Spiräen make it a not so easy, because they bloom later, but if it is very late in a Year Easter, you can try to cut these branches so that they bloom Easter.
  • If you want to prefer a green bunch, so mainly expelled leaves instead of flowers, you can take birch branches. However Birch drives not every year so early that it works with the "tuition" in the vase. But an attempt is worth a Osterstrauß with the fresh light green looks very nice.
  • It is important to know that one-year wood often forming only a few flower buds. It is better to just cut branches from two to four years of wood.

So flourishing succeed at Easter

  1. Place the branches after cutting in a warm water bath (35 ° C). They were asked to stay a few hours, so you need to ensure that in between some hot water is poured after.
  2. After washing to cut the branches long and oblique on at (6 to 8 cm) and presents them in a vase. If Easter is very early and already appear the buds large and hard, often sufficient to set the trimmed branches in warm water without watering completely over time.
  3. If there is still some time out to Easter, you can now just wait and only change the water daily and replace again by lukewarm. Must it go faster, because Easter is just around the corner, you can also daily spray the branches with water and also packed in a film.
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