Where cockroaches come in the apartment?

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Where cockroaches come in the apartment?

The cockroach - a nasty insect Karl_Dichtler / Pixelio

Worth knowing about cockroaches

Hardly anyone gets seriously thinking about cockroaches, he would merely get rid of as quickly as possible. But actually, there are very interesting facts about it:

  • There are more than three thousand species. Fortunately, most of them living in the wild and come up with people not in touch. There are only five different types that believe in human habitations.
  • All these five types are named cockroach, for example, cockroach, German cockroach or American cockroach. Where do these insects come, you can partly guess their names.
  • Cockroaches love warm, humid climate. For this reason they consider themselves also like the winter in apartments on because they are usually heated. Here they feel really comfortable.
  • These insects can reach a size from one to more than four centimeters. Your final size they have achieved after five instars.

That's why they come to the apartment

  • Naturally need cockroaches something to eat. She loves to eat fruits and vegetables, as this is very soft and rots quickly. These foods seem to be the real treat for them.
  • but eat not only open food but also packaged. Because of their pincers, located at the mouth, they can bite through both paper and plastic and cardboard.
  • Similarly, these animals are always looking for a habitat for themselves. The well-tempered human dwellings also have a lot of hiding places. And they should even have to flee, so they can do this via pipes and manholes.

Where do these insects come

  • Cockroaches are distributed over the entire world. Apart from the German cockroaches are often found "foreign" species. These are brought for example from vacation. This can happen where you squashed a cockroach and then stick to the purpose used subject the eggs.
  • It would also be possible by bringing these insects from the supermarket back home. Also roaches or their egg itself can hold.
  • Also possible is that these unpleasant roommate had hidden in used furniture is. Even a relocation from the neighboring apartment is also conceivable.
  • Conclusion: No one should be ashamed, when he finds cockroaches in the apartment. This suggests no means indicates a bad or even tidy untidy apartment. As you can see, there are many ways, where they come from. One should only act immediately as soon as you see a representative of them or eggs or larvae empty cases. One thing is certain: you can multiply very quickly.
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