Where do I apply for child support? - To make the application correctly

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Where do I apply for child support?  - To make the application correctly

Children cost money, so you apply for child support.

To apply for the allowance

Child benefit is not automatically paid from the birth of the child nor in its application to the registry office. You must apply for child benefit.

  • Child benefit must be in the family budget of the Labour Office, which is responsible for your place of residence, applied for. If you do not live in Germany, but work there, then make the application to the Family Fund, which is located in the district of your Payroll Office.
  • Applications for child benefit must be made in writing. The necessary forms they receive in the family budget or can be downloaded on the website familienkasse.de.
  • The application must accompany documents. If you provide child benefit due to the birth of a child, is usually sufficient birth certificate or a special birth certificate in original, provided there is no doubt that the child has been included in the budget. If a child is taken up later in the budget, a statement on its inclusion in the budget must be proposed.
  • An application for child support for children who are over 18 years old, documents must be attached by means of which their own income the child has and Training or another (z. B. Wait for apprenticeship, studying. School, etc.).
  • If the Family Fund rejects your application, or you do not agree for other reasons with the decision, they can appeal within one month. An application for child support is then checked again and you go an opposition decision. This method is free.
  • If you do not agree with the decision on appeal, you can complain to the Finanzgericht against. But that costs money.

The basis for a claim for child benefit

  • You have always entitled to child benefit if a child in your household, that is either your own child you have adopted or who lives as a stepchild, or foster child with you. The money is available to the household from receiving.
  • Among household receiving one understands, if the child actually lives in the family and takes charge of it. But the application to the authorities is not enough. Also founded a day care no child benefit, while a temporary absence of the child from the budget because it is in a different location to school or studied further entitled to receive child benefit.
  • By the 18th year of the child you child benefit is always, then only under certain conditions, for example because the child is in a training.
  • The amount of child benefit depends on the number of children. This so-called Zählkinder be considered under certain circumstances. Since you get for a third or fourth child more child support than the first or second child.
  • Example: You have 2 children in your current relationship, and there is another child, but that lives with the other parent, and this applies for this child benefit. In this case, the two children are in your household, the 2nd and the 3rd child and get the 3rd Child 6 € more than you would get for a first or second child.

If you have children under 18 or children over 18 who have no income, it is worth most to apply for child support. For details, see a brochure on arbeitsagentur.de.

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