Where does Acer?

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Where does Acer?

Acer is a common worldwide brand.

A question posed by security, many people who deal with hardware, that related to the origin of Acer - because always sees or hears this company names, but only a small proportion of them knows where the company really is.

Acer and its products

  • The company is a Taiwanese computer company, which has developed in recent years to a size mainly in Germany and Europe. With approximately 5300 employees in more than 100 countries makes the company PCs, notebooks, tablets, monitors, projectors and more.
  • Established in 1976 as a company under the name Multitech, it got its present name Acer until the year 1987th The founder Stan Shih founded the company after his bachelor's and master's degree in electrical engineering and was until his retirement in 2004, the board of the company. Annual sales of the company rose far always. In 2011, it stood at 429.5 billion new Taiwan dollars.

Whence comes Acer and dissemination

  • The company is - as already mentioned - from Taiwan, where also their headquarters - namely in Taipei, a major city in the northern part of Taiwan. Initially set the OEM production is the focus of the company, which has been produced, for example, IBM.
  • Thereby it was in 1998, the third-largest PC company in the world, with its own brand was only in eighth place in the global market. Behind HP, however, before DELL, the company end of 2009 rose to the second place of the PC manufacturer. Meanwhile, the OEM production has been moved to another company.

In 2013, the range has been expanded in the market and in Barcelona two own smartphones were presented. Since Acer is getting more popular, the company must be definitely one of the leading hardware companies in the world. (All figures: Stand 06/2013)

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