Where grows saffron? - Find out more about growing and using

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Where grows saffron?  - Find out more about growing and using

Also in Morocco, the spice is often used!

It grows in many places

Saffron is known primarily as a spice of the African continent, although the plant is found in many parts of the world, where it is also used in the kitchens.

  • The crocus art is considered a variety Crocus species found in Crete and the Aegean islands.
  • The plant is mainly used in relatively warm countries such as Iran, in southern France, in Kashmir, Greece, Sardinia, Morocco, Austria, Abruzzo, Spain and Turkey before and it is grown there. It grows mainly in countries where the temperatures do not fall below 15 ° C in autumn. The plant itself blooms only once a year and not long.
  • The safflower is very much confused with saffron and as such sold incorrectly.

Saffron has a variety of uses

  • Saffron is usually used as a spice. While the plant is used in the areas where it grows in many dishes, the seasoning in Europe is only used in some dishes. These include paella, fruit sauces, cake, biscuits, tea, liqueur or coffee.
  • Even as a colorant, the plant is very much used. Due to crocin, containing the plant, an intense golden yellow color is obtained that looks like gold, to be without gold - ie an imitation.
  • Since the plant is said to have also a aphrosidierende effect, it is also often used as an aphrodisiac.
  • Who used the plant in the domestic kitchen, they should protect from light and moisture. Despite the positive properties of the spice, the plant carries a certain risk for improper use. In case of overdose can cause poisoning and death. Home cooks should keep strictly to the amount given in the recipes.
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