Which bread for diabetics? - Same Back Recipe

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Which bread for diabetics?  - Same Back Recipe

Bread is especially important for diabetics.

Basic recipe for dough

  • For a diabetic well tolerated and tasty bread, it is recommended 250 g wheat flour type 550 to be mixed with 250 g Weizenvollkorn-, rye, oats, or spelled flour.
  • Enter the selected flour initially in a large bowl and press with your thumb a little hollow inside.
  • Pulled apart the yeast into small flakes or bread crumbs, place it into the bowl and pour then with about 4 tablespoons of warm skim milk to.
  • Blending you cover this mixture with the addition of some lukewarm water with a hand mixer to form a uniform dough, you dust them with flour, with a kitchen towel and allow to about a half an hour at 50 ° to go in the oven.

Delicious blend of spices for diabetics

  • In this time, 2 eggs, 5 tablespoons olive oil, 1/2 teaspoon salt and iodine herbs some anise caraway and / or fennel seeds and a pinch each of nutmeg and fenugreek powder in a bowl.
  • Add a spicy flavor also a few dried herbs such as rosemary or dill added.
  • Blending Now the dough with the mixed spice mixture into a dough, which you should knead until it begins to bubble.
  • Then you must leave a half hour walk in the still warm oven the dough again.
  • Enter the dough then in a fit de baking pan, leave it in again 20 minutes to go and set the oven to 180 ° then.
  • Spread the bread with a little water and sprinkle it freely with fennel, caraway or anise seeds. Bake the bread then approximately 3/4 of an hour on the lowest shelf ready.
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