"Which employment office is responsible for me?" - To find out

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"Which employment office is responsible for me?"  - To find out

The service hotline provides information on responsibilities.

Which employment office is responsible for you depends on where you live. The same applies to the Job Center, which is responsible for care recipients and applicants for benefits under the Social Security Code II. These include, in general, people that Hartz IV relate or are entitled to.

Jurisdiction of the Labour Office

To identify the employment office is responsible for you, for example, a job seeker or unemployed to register, you have several options:

  • For one, you can call the Internet site of the Federal Employment Agency and retrieve under the "local partners", which office is responsible for you. Wear this, your zip code in the space provided, or, in the corresponding row, your place of residence. Confirm your entry with "OK".
  • Your local employment office and the Job Centre are now displayed. Here all contact details of the offices and the Office be ready.

Alternative interrogation of the responsible authority

  • Alternatively, you can check with the service hotline of the Federal Employment Agency, which labor office or job center is in charge of you. The nationwide service hotline number is: 0180 555 111. This number is, however, slightly charge.
  • You also have the option of requesting a written question on the competence of your office at the Federal Agency of the Federal Employment Agency. For this purpose, please contact the following address: Federal Employment Agency, Regensburgerstr. 104, 90478 N├╝rnberg. Please enter your details in the letter.
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