Which letter is the most frequent in the German language?

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Which letter is the most frequent in the German language?

Letters occur with varying frequency.

Letters in German

  • Like most languages ​​of the world is also the German verschriftlicht. , We make use of the Latin alphabet, which brings a lot of problems. For there is in German sounds that did not exist in Latin, and accordingly also lacks a graphical sign just one letter.
  • But there were also in Latin letters that we really do not need today, because we do not have the sounds in question or any other letters, to express these concrete can. An example is the sound that we "witch" refer to the "x" in the word. With us already available letters we could make this noise also described as "ks" - ie "Hekse". Interestingly, there is a similarly denominated word in which it is taken to heart: chaff; superfluously is still a "c" added. And even more complicated it is, when you look at a word like "axis" - here must "chs" for the same serve sound. If the spelling aligned with "witch", it should read "Axe".

As you can see, with the alphabet of the German language and the phonetic character mapping, it is not so simple. According says the fact, which is the most frequent letter, only the character that is used most frequently, but not on the associated volume and the same pronunciation.

Which character is the most common

  • At the front of the frequency ranking of the letters in German the "e". It makes up about 18 percent of the text. This also is not surprising, since it (Monophthong) is used as in "heart" to describe a simple vowel, but can also indicate the length of a previous simple vowel, for example, in "Sea" or "Coesfeld". In addition, there is also some diphthongs (Diphthongs) used, for example in "Owl" or "Egg". Finally, it indicates vowels, for otherwise there is no separate letters, for example, at the end of "air" and if "he" in "rowing".
  • This versatility is typical of the German language, because the existing inventory letters of Latin was not sufficient to describe vowel lengths. One would regulate the alternatives: In Finland, for example, a vowel with einfächer length is always written with a vowel and a double long vowel with a double vowel.
  • The letter in second place in the frequency list is "n" with ten percent, follow it "i, r, s, a, t" with values ​​between six and eight percent. A frequency of less than one percent have in German text "p, v, j, y, x, q".
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