Which North Sea beach in Lower Saxony is the most beautiful?

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Which North Sea beach in Lower Saxony is the most beautiful?

The beaches in Lower Saxony are very child friendly.

There are undoubtedly many beautiful places and regions in Germany to experience a wonderful holiday. Nevertheless, the State of Lower Saxony deserves a special place. Lower Saxony and North Sea beach - a compound that could hardly be more appropriate to be.

Bensersiel - a family-friendly North Sea beach

  • When it comes to the most beautiful North Sea beach in Lower Saxony, the fine sandy beach in the North Sea spa Bensersiel is a must in no way. Good 40 km northwest of Wilhelmshaven offers a prime example of a beautiful beach.
  • Every guest of all ages comes fully at its expense. A large outdoor playground and the Hobgoblin indoor playground ensure supreme pleasure of the little ones.
  • A trampoline or the sea water wave pool offers the entire family an eventful day. At the beach restaurant you will be treated with delicacies, while the beach hut sandy patiently waiting for his short-term owner. The large space is a highlight. Dig, play, build castles - there is plenty of room for all.

The longest beach in Lower Saxony

  • Duhnen is north of Cuxhaven and the North Sea beach scores with a fine, golden sand. At about five kilometers, the entire beach stretches. Of course you can along the entire beach section rent beach chairs and make yourself comfortable in it.
  • There is even the possibility to walk to the offshore island Neuwerk tideland. However, you should make smart at the Tourist Authority Cuxhaven, when the company is safe to do and what equipment you should take.
  • The North Sea beach of Cuxhaven offers for active athletes sufficient ideas to make the day. You can Kiten, Beach - volley, - hand - or playing football or rent a horse and ride along the surf.
  • Restaurants, bars and beach cafes provide a corresponding evening atmosphere and give a magnificent view over the North Sea during the day award.

The beaches of the East Frisian Islands

  • For many guests, it is quite clear: The most beautiful North Sea beach is part of an island. To which? This differs from guest to guest. During a the beach of Wangerooge would confer the medal for beauty, indicated the other on the beaches of Spiekeroog. Not forgetting the coasts of Langeoog, Baltrum, Norderney, Juist or Borkum.
  • Family-friendly and beautiful beaches all islands. Borkum is the westernmost and largest island, it offers real ocean climate. Juist is like as "Töwerland" (magic land) while Norderney, half of Conservation.
  • Baltrum is a cozy island with marvelous sandy beaches and a unique flair. The same applies to Langeoog. Spiekeroog and Wangerooge also offer the guest a wonderful landscape with a magnificent beach.

really know To dispel North Sea beach in Lower Saxony, recommend traveling in any leave to another. You will soon realize that you can choose to not, because a beach is as beautiful as the other.

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