Which T-shirt color fits to red trousers?

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Which T-shirt color fits to red trousers?

Red is the new color. However, not every shirt fits to a red pants.

A red pants looks sexy and striking. But can it easily once mistaken matching T-shirts when choosing. To find the matching color T-shirt to the trousers.

The classic shirt to red pants

  • The most elegant, it looks natural, if you choose to red trousers, a black, plain shirt. This fits always. Combined with black high heels red pants is even the perfect evening outfit.
  • Do you want it a little upbeat, then select to the red pants, a black shirt with a red imprint. You can do black boots (wear over trousers). This makes you look casual and rock. Depending on the hairstyle and jewelry this outfit is perfect to wear to the party.
  • Who likes it particularly daring who chooses a red shirt to red pants. Here, however, must always be ensured that shirt and trousers have exactly the same color!
  • Combine shirt and pants exclusively with dark accessories. A black belt around his waist, a thin, black pearl necklace and schwaarze shoes complete the outfit.

The daring shell fits

  • Who likes it generally something funky that can combine the red pants with patterned skirts. schwarz.rot checkered blouse, black and red striped sweaters or red and black tops with ska or leopard pattern: But beware, here just are. All other colors do not look good with the wild pattern.
  • In some cases, however, a black and white top looks great with red trousers.

These colors do not suit red pants

  • Refrain from wearing red trousers with a pink, yellow or light blue top. These colors do not match completely.
  • The red pants should never be worn with a red shirt together, that does not exactly have the same red.
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