"Which tire" fit my rims? - Tips for motorcyclists

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"Which tire" fit my rims?  - Tips for motorcyclists

At the motorcycle you can not choose between different tire sizes. Andre_Müller / Pixelio

Basic information on tires and rims

  • Because there is no speed limit on motorways in Germany, the legislature must assume that is being driven on the roads at very high speeds. For that reason a tire tie for motorcycles was introduced. So in some papers, see the entry that only a very specific tire of a particular brand can be ridden.
  • You are allowed to drive in the case of all tires having a UBB by the tire manufacturer. The question of which fit the tire to the rim, arises in the case do not, you may only drive the tires allows you.
  • Since 2000, however, are increasingly sensitive manufacturer to write specifications in the papers. Look in the field 15.1. and 15.2. of the new regulatory documents. There you will find the permitted tire size, the speed and load index. Section 22 is the manufacturer. Is this empty, you can drive all the tires of size. Also, in case there is only one tire size you are allowed to drive.

Which fit tires on the bike

As mentioned, you will probably only one answer to the question, which fit tires on your wheels can get when you mention that bike you ride:

  • Suppose you have a 17-inch wheel on the motorcycle. Then you can pull theoretically many tire on the rim, but is, for example, 190/50 in the papers, then you can only drive tires that are 190 mm wide and the height is 50% of the width. It is irrelevant that on these rims can also raise a purely technical one tires of size 120/70. You may not.
  • Between the numbers, which indicate the size of the tire, and the number for the wheel size, see letter. These provide information on the speed and type, Z is z. B. that the tire has been approved for more than 240 km / h. If there is also an R, then it must be radial.
  • After the rim diameter in inches, in your case 17, there is another number, which is the load index, a further letter stands for the speed limit.
  • Also note that there are different specifications for front and rear tires.

Differences between tires and rims for cars and motorcycles

  • In cars, you often find up information, which means that you can use different rim diameter and tire mount. Something like that is not the case with motorcycles generally.
  • For motorcycles a particular rim size for the front and a size for the rear wheel are required for each model generally.
  • All other specifications are clearly prescribed in a motorcycle, that is, you can only mount a rim size and this exactly a tire size.

To find the right tire for your bike

  • There also are small differences that are not defined in the specification, for example, the rubber compound, you should not be looking for tires for a motorcycle like a car usual after the size of the existing rim, but start from the brand of your motorcycle.
  • All leading manufacturers have lists from which you can see, fit which tires for your motorcycle.
  • If you are traveling a Ducati 1100 Hypermotard 1100 / S / EVO / EVO SP B1 / AA, then the tire sizes are 120 / 70ZR17 M / C (58W) TL (front) and 180 / 55ZR17 M / C (73W) TL the rear prescribed. There is a tie for tires Roadattack Z. You can drive a different tire size, unless you get a clearance certificate by the tire manufacturer and always carry with you.
  • If you but a KTM 625 625 SMC KTM625SMC drive, then you need to front 120 / 70R17 M / C 58H TL and rear 160 / 60R17 M / C 69H TL. In the event there are no tires binding, you can buy tires of this size from any manufacturer, you do not need clearance certificate.

The question, which fit tires to your wheels, so it can only be answered when the motorcycle is known, on which are the wheels.

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