Which wood for a rabbit hutch use? - Helpful Hints

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Which wood for a rabbit hutch use?  - Helpful Hints

Rabbits like branches of fruit trees for gnawing.

For the self-made from a rabbit hutch is best to use hard wood.

Protect the hutch before gnawing

  • If you build your own barn for your rabbit, then it is inevitable that the animal will gnaw at it. The softer the wood is, that you used to build, the better and faster the animal can gnaw at it.
  • However, if you use a good hardwood, this can be gnawed not as fast from the animal, and it's also also weatherproof, if you have the property outdoors. Softwoods, such as softwood, are not really suitable for the stable.

Hard wood to rot

  • Hard wood can gnaw the rabbit worse, whereby the cage stays nice and in order longer. It is weatherproof and does not rot as quickly as soft material outdoors. You should also make sure that all the battens and boards used are nice and smooth, and free of holes or grooves.
  • Since the rabbit hutch not only the weather and the teeth is exposed by your pet, but must also withstand the urine, you should protect the floor especially. Even if you build this hardwood it will become impregnated with urine. Hardwoods such as beech or oak are good for the cage.
  • Therefore, it is important that you provide the ground at a safe wood protection glaze, and also provide a base tray in the cage, which you fill with enough scattered, so that the urine can be well absorbed. Also facilitates a base tray or Kotschale cleaning up the cage.

treat and protect the material properly

  • Thus, the timber is additionally protected from the weather and urine, you should treat it with a special glaze. You can do this most environmentally friendly paints with a seal of approval. At the same time you get as a protection against mold, because these forms as soon as moisture can settle in the timber.
  • Thus the animal does not gnawed the rabbit hutch, you should always offer him something else to which it must gnaw. You use the best small branches and sticks from a soft wood that you can collect in the forest. Well suited to branches of fruit trees, where some buds are still present.
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