White sausage - cooking time and two unusual recipe ideas

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White sausage - cooking time and two unusual recipe ideas

Weißwurst you can cook different.

Observe the cooking time of white sausage

The cooking time of white sausage you should be aware so that the sausage does not burst and lose its flavor.

  1. First fill water into a large saucepan and bring this then after cooking.
  2. You can then take the filled with boiling water from flame and place the sausages gradually gently into the water.
  3. The cooking time of white sausages is now 10 minutes.
  4. After cooking the sausages you can take this out of the water and serve for example, pretzels and wheat beer.

Recipe for fried white sausage

Since white sausage is cooked normally, the recipe for fried white sausage is very exceptional.

  1. This allows you to roast veal sausages, the lard must first in a large skillet melt. You can use both butter and lard.
  2. Insert after the Heat some sausages in the pan and fry them on until you have become golden brown.
  3. Then you can apply the white sausages and fry brown also from the other side.
  4. While fry the veal sausages in the pan, cut the onions into thin slices and place then in the pan for frying.
  5. Finally, you can do the white sausages with fried onion and serve, for example with mashed potatoes.

Prepare a salad of white sausage

From Weißwurst You can also quickly create a delicious sausage salad.

  1. For the sausage salad you need to cook the sausage first as described above.
  2. You can then moult and cut into thin slices.
  3. Next, cut the red onion and pickled cucumbers into small cubes or slices.
  4. Now enter the sausage slices, onions and cucumber in a salad bowl and mix the salad ingredients.
  5. Finally, you just have to prepare the dressing. Blending do so, the oil, the vinegar, the granulated broth, water and mustard and taste the dressing even with salt and pepper from.
  6. Now, mix the dressing with the salad sausage.
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