White sausages with a difference - recipe for breaded veal sausage

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White sausages with a difference - recipe for breaded veal sausage

Weißwürste can breading. Manfred_Walker / Pixelio

To breading your Weißwürste

Officially, the breaded veal sausage strips Weißwurst cycling are called. Here the necessary steps to make your perfect Weißwurst cycling are explained:

  1. Pull the skin of white sausages from, because the skin is neither before, nor provided by the breading for consumption. Cut the sausage for nearly one and pull the skin as possible on a piece of sausage.
  2. Vaginal it the abgepellten sausages into slices. The slices should be 1-2 cm thick in order to get the perfect size.
  3. You should then whisk two eggs in a deep dish. However, will be best a fork.
  4. Season the beaten eggs with salt, pepper and a dash of lemon.
  5. Distribute enough flour also in a deep dish.
  6. Distribute enough breadcrumbs also in a deep dish.
  7. Now you start with the breading. To do this, in turn hold the sausage stripes or white sausage cycling and apply it in the flour.
  8. Then you have to draw the floury white sausage cycling with caution by the spicy and beaten eggs.
  9. To complete the breading, you must now turn the white sausages in your white bread crumbs.
  10. Then heat the frying oil in a pan.
  11. When the oil reaches the desired medium heat, fry the breaded veal sausage cycling on both sides, until the batter is golden brown.
  12. Finally, you should carefully lift the white sausages from the pan and drain on kitchen paper.

The supplement to the white sausage cycling

  • Basically, you can serve everything to the white sausages, what you eat also to slivers or breaded chicken breast.
  • We recommend a salad, probably the most in harmony with the hearty white sausage.
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