Why are there no brook plankton? - Understand biological relationships

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Why are there no brook plankton?  - Understand biological relationships

Even here, there is plankton, albeit less than in calm waters. Günther_Schad / Pixelio

The life forms of plankton

Plankton designated microorganisms that are in many waters. this life world was known primarily for the plankton in the oceans, but also in ponds, rivers and rarely found in quiet streams, the little critters.

  • When phytoplankton is unicellular plant cells. The algae species that make up the phytoplankton, save in the seas more carbon than the trees of the tropics.
  • Zooplankton consists of different unicellular organisms that do not belong to the plant. The main difference from the phytoplankton is that the single-celled zooplankton operated no photosynthesis. Even under these unicellular organisms there are herbivores that feed on phytoplankton, and "predators" eat the other non-plant protozoa.
  • There are also organisms belonging to Plankton, although they are neither unicellular still small. A jellyfish is up to nine feet tall, but shares the most important characteristic of plankton: You will not move independently, but drifts with the current.

There are no plankton in fast Bach

The fact that plankton drifts always with the flow, is the most important reason that fast-flowing streams usually contain no plankton.

  • Before large quantities of algae and protozoa may have developed, the water is already many meters from the source.
  • The slower but a stream, the greater the likelihood of finding microorganisms therein.
  • If the source first feeds a small pond, from which then the stream pours, but even a fast stream will contain shortly after the source no plankton-free water more. The protozoa may develop in the spring pool and are carried away with the flow.
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