Why are trees on the roadside? - Statement from the Landscape Architecture

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Why are trees on the roadside?  - Statement from the Landscape Architecture

A typical alley. Werner_Raschke / Pixelio

The trees, which stand on the roadside, fulfill different functions. But there are also historical reasons, to limit roads with trees.

Advantages of the trees surrounding the roadside

  • Trees standing on the roadside, fulfill a noise protective function. They shield the noise of the vehicles to a certain extent and protect houses behind it from the noise.
  • The crowns of standing on the roadside trees convert it to a significant portion of the exhaust gases. Particularly deciduous trees absorb much carbon dioxide and convert this into oxygen. So the trees contribute to the cleanliness of the air and also filter the dust. In addition, you prevent in some instances that motorists are blinded by the sun.
  • Ultimately protect the stationary roadside trees at about embankments or steep gradients before that vehicles coming off of the roadway down overthrow the slope.

Is there any justification for trees on the roadside?

  • Trees also have a psychological effect. In most people natural backgrounds and green plants have a calming effect. If trees are roadside, this may mean that drivers are just little bit slower and aggression in traffic can be prevented.
  • The stationary roadside trees provide a barrier against the wind is and prevent winter snowdrifts, they wear on hot summer days to the fact that not as much soil is blown away from the arable land.
  • Likewise, the course of the road can be seen by the stationary roadside trees from a distance, which contributes to an anticipatory driving style.
  • A historical reason beyond comes from the Napoleonic Wars. Here avenues were so planted, so that you could shade the soldiers, which attracted along the way. This was maintained.

Although trees standing on the roadside, just in case of accidents become hazardous, so you have but numerous advantages and make a piece of nature in the otherwise little green design of roads represents.

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