Why is Monday Monday? declared days of the week -

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Why is Monday Monday?  declared days of the week -

On Monday is Monday, as he was considered a day of the moon.

Does Monday so long?

If you use the word Monday, then think certainly by not its meaning. But on closer inspection the weekdays you perhaps the resemblance is striking of terms in astronomy as the moon or the sun. In English remembers the word "Saturday", which is Saturday, at the planet Saturn.

  • For millennia, most cultures use the unit time seven days a week. The days of the week and their names go back to the Babylonians, who use them known celestial objects as their namesakes for the seven days a week nearly 4,000 years ago.
  • The five known planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, as well as the moon and the sun were worshiped as gods. After this, the days are named starting with this Sunday.

Babylonians and their planet

  • Among the Babylonians the sun on Sunday, the moon for Monday, Mars for Tuesday, Mercury was the Wednesday, the Jupiter was the model for the Thursday, which was Venus Patin for Friday and Saturn for Saturday.
  • Over the centuries, initially took over the Greeks and later the Romans the religious beliefs and therefore also in a modified form, the names of weekdays.
  • The people living in parts of Central Europe and Scandinavia Germanic tribes saw their mythology in the individual weekdays as gods.
  • The present German names of weekdays you can see particularly well in comparison with the Germanic and Norse gods. This is also true for the related English weekdays.
  • Of course not all the names are recognizable at first glance, since the present German or English language has undergone a long development time.

Monday and the god Mani

  • Good to see that the Norse god Mani, the god of the moon, is decisive for the Monday and the English "Monday".
  • understand also is that of Tuesday, which is called in English "Tuesday", is due to the Norse deity Tiu.
  • Thor, which is also Donar, led to the German Thursday and the English word "Thursday". It is more difficult at first glance, the Norse god Odin recognize as namesake for Wednesday.

If you deal with the fascinating world of Babylonian, Greek, Roman or Germanic deities, you will as the weekday find interesting overlaps with other areas. Good examples are the names of the months or the today's constellations.

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