Why is the world round? - A simple explanation of the physical phenomenon

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Why is the world round?  - A simple explanation of the physical phenomenon

Our not quite round, blue planet. Gerd_Altmann / Pixelio

At the beginning of the Big Bang was

  • As a result of the Big Bang assumed swirled innumerable, very small particles of matter through the universe and began to come together.
  • The closer the particles came, the more gravity it exerted on each other. This is a physical phenomenon that particles coated per se.
  • So the sun and around the other planets of our solar system originated.

That is why the world is almost round

When asked about the "why" you have to call in the physical component.

  • In physics, gravitation or gravity is one of the four fundamental forces. It causes masses attract.
  • Therefore leaves fall to the ground, and even the most high-pitched ball ultimately falls back to the ground.
  • It ensures that the planets move in their orbits around the sun.
  • The mass particles of our world also conduct all at each other and try to find the optimal shape. This is only once the round, spherical shape, because then all parts of the surface are approximately equidistant from the center of the world.

The world is a rotational ellipsoid

Actually, the world is not round, but has rather the shape of a potato.

  • This is because it rotates on a Elipsenumlaufbahn around the sun, but also simultaneously rotates around itself.
  • These rotational forces on the Elipsenumlaufbahn effect of gravitation towards light, which is why the world is brought out of the ideal round shape.
  • The world is slightly flattened by the interplay of these forces at the poles, the poles on the other hand it is rather bulbous, so it is even almost round.
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