Why Monday? - To motivate for the start of the week

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Why Monday?  - To motivate for the start of the week

A rest day shifts the start to the week. Markus_Wegner / Pixelio

General on Monday

  • In German calendar Monday is the first day of the week and also the first working day of the week.
  • The name has its origins in Latin. There, the first day of the week as a day of the moon goddess was "this lunae" called. From this the today place with us in use Monday derives.
  • There are many special events that always fall on Mondays. The Rose Monday is anew each year the favorite carnival holiday.
  • And often in the name Blue Monday is used, the origin dates to the early crafts. At that time, often working on a Monday only at half strength, colloquially idleness is hereby dubbed.

The heavy start to the week

  • Many people find it very difficult, after the weekend, the free relaxation and pleasure serving time, resume the on the first day. They would rather remain as before are the two days, even longer in bed.
  • Some people fall the week starting difficult because the weekend it tears out from their work routine. These people are not as flexible or less with different situations cope.
  • In other professions, the objects are on every Monday redistributed, which entails a degree of uncertainty, for which communities enjoy the fewest workers - one reason for the unpopularity of the day.
  • Colloquially poorly made products are also referred to as typical "Montag products" because they have been prepared with less care.

Why and how you should motivate yourself

Of course, it brings nothing to anyone, easy to lay the week starting on Tuesday to go this unpleasant day out of the way. The problem would only be moved and the name of the infamous day change, but the situation would remain the same.

  • When you motivate yourself positively, you manage a much better start to the week, which can have a positive effect on your work, your well-being and the complete, following work.
  • If you have problems with a broken rhythm, you should get up early on weekends and structure your day well. So you can enjoy your spare time and still remain in your usual, important for you Trott.
  • Tell yourself that you want to bring this first day of the week well and fast behind to have already completed the first fifth of the working time.
  • Positive thinking is always helpful. Do not tell yourself that you do not have all the 5 days before the chest, the demotivated. Keep yourself reversed in mind what you have already done and managed.
  • Be anxious to bring the first day well behind him, because then you have mastered the major hurdle and the rest of the week goes as usual.
  • Plan for the evening portion of Monday's something beautiful, whereupon you always look forward. So you sweeten the anticipation then the rough start early in the morning.
  • Take the morning plenty of time so you can start unstressed, even to help you start easily.
  • Keep in mind that it is a privilege to be working, so you have the ability to feed yourself and your family without outside help.
  • Try to do all the heavy and unpleasant tasks already during the week. It is not conducive if you cancel "Heavy Loads" for the start of the week.
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