Why never turn all wind power plants?

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Why never turn all wind power plants?

Wind power plants are often silent.

Operating conditions of wind power plants

A layman is often not clear which operating conditions can be found at wind turbines and why a system is operated in a certain way. There are seven different ways. In two modes, the wheels do not turn, only one stream is generated.

  • With plant testing the wheels to turn, but it will not generate power, but only the rotational behavior tested.
  • In the states start, power-up or down changes the rotational speed, the wheel is faster or slower in these phases, no current is also generated.
  • In load operation the wheels rotate and are coupled to the generator. Only in this state produce wind turbines electricity.
  • If the system is provided only to a standstill, the rotors are in the wind and are prevented by a brake to the rotation. By releasing the brake, the system switches to the states and start-up.
  • The operating status of plant stop is externally almost indistinguishable from zero. If a long time is not to be expected with a load operation, the rotor blades are placed so that the wind can not move the wheel. In this state, the plant is protected.

You see, even rotating wind turbines do not always generate electricity.

Why rotate never all windmills

There is no technical reason that never turn all wind turbines at the same time. With so many reasons for a plant stop or stop and the large number of wind power plants, but it is very unlikely that all the wheels rotate.

  • The most common reasons for a standstill are overloads in the power grid. The network or the substation are unable to receive the stream. Although there is a priority for the supply of green electricity, but a wind power plant can be technically easier to stop than conventional power plants. 2010 have shut down due to network congestion on 107 days over 1,000 wind turbines. The development of networks will indeed accelerated, but this cause will ensure long for standstill.
  • Another reason why the wheels are temporarily, is too low or too strong wind. Wind turbines are designed for specific wind speeds. They are added at varying wind speeds in the stationary mode, so they do not constantly unnecessary approach or retraction.
  • Reasons to stop state are necessary maintenance or repairs. Often the plants are put in this state if climatic conditions persist or is to be expected. In December 2012, for a few weeks, for example, were five windmills at Temmenhausen and Bermaringen silent because the rotors icy in cold, wet weather.

Why sometimes an entire wind farm is

If a whole group of wheels is a long time, the cause is usually in editions that are justified by the nature.

  • Usually wind turbines to be built, although against the approval process still run oppositions. It is often objected to the construction of the plants because of the threat of predatory birds or bats. After the completion of these facilities are often to a court rejects the appeal.
  • In practice, often compromises are found, the equipment should be operated at certain times, for example during the day when no bats flying. Other stations are during times when migratory birds fly off. Some wind turbine never turns after completion.

Although wind power is one of the alternative energy sources, there are many opponents who oppose the construction and operation of the facilities. Numerous smaller wind farms must be at least temporarily removed from the network due to the diverse concerns of local residents. Decisions are influenced by technical facts as missing network and storage capacities. One wonders why a system that endangers animals, is necessary if they barely running due to lack of network capacity.

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