Why run to my window? - Eliminate the causes

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Why run to my window?  - Eliminate the causes

Even in the modern bathroom can start the windowpane.

Bathroom and kitchen windows running in winter to often

Especially in winter, you often wonder: "Why my bathroom or kitchen window running so strongly?"

  • If your bathroom or your kitchen windows in the winter begin often, so that is mostly due to the cold bridge, which will make your window pane between the warm room and the cold outside temperature.
  • Especially in winter, the room temperature through heating are considerably higher than the outside temperature, with the result that the disc is relatively cold at the most usual double pane windows. Many experts say yes: "With my triple glazing the thermal bridge will be lower and the disc is less cold." Therefore, the windows are triple glazed less start than others.
  • As soon as the humidity level in the room by the shower or by the steam from the cooking and sometimes even deposits on the cold window glass, on the wall tiles, this causes the so-called start-up of the window panes. To a certain extent this is a normal physical process.
  • Switch off for a few minutes your radiator and open your bathroom or your kitchen window completely. Let the curtain aside so ventilation can vonstattengehen faster. Let fully open the window for 5 to 10 minutes and then plug it again. After this pulse ventilation can the windowpane, if still necessary, freed from the residual moisture and turn on the heater again. This procedure should apply as needed after every shower or cooking. The tilt ventilation due to the high heating costs like applied especially in winter is not enough, unfortunately, in most cases, to hinauszubekommen humidity quickly.

Tarnished window in the living area

  • Also in the bedroom and children's room, it may happen that the window in the morning a little tarnished in the colder months quite. This is connected with the normally at night increasing humidity due to exhaled air and the eventual sweating. You could say that this is problematic. But this is usually just a normal physical process which can be resolved as well as in the bathroom or kitchen.
  • In the living room you may be wondering: "Here is my window to run as well as not to." It happens rarely that here calling into the window. If it is here then often a straight refurbishments of the living room the cause. About the wallpaper glue and the applied paint, the humidity in the room increases more than you think. In this case it is advisable to several days to perform one after 2-3 times a day for 5-10 minutes a forced ventilation.
  • Should not apply any previous options, yet another cause could provide the basis for the start of your window.

A relatively rare but nevertheless never completely excludable, cause may be structural defects during the window installation, especially when installing the sills. If your window frame on the window sill be considerably colder than at the level of the window handle, it is possible that the window installation under the sill a cold bridge is created. This ought to be examined by an expert and seal.

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