Win24 terminate - the should note the

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Win24 terminate - the should note the

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  1. First you should check which date is straight. You can cancel your membership in Win24 without any problem until the 15th day of the last month.
  2. You need to terminate with Win24 do not specify a reason for termination.
  3. Note that you Win24 is already not refund membership fees paid.
  4. Now, write your letter of resignation. To do this, to reflect your Win24 client number and your full name. To facilitate Win24 assigning your cancellation. Then set up your Kündigugnsschreiben on Win24 Contest Service GmbH ind he Kanalstraße 28 in 22085 Hamburg. Submit the letter by registered mail return receipt requested.
  5. You should note that you can cancel by e-mail or fax in Win24 also. Announce via email send your notice to [email protected] and enter in the subject line the word "dismissal" a. Announce contrast fax, send it to the fax number 040/30036630.
  6. Whether you cancel by fax, email or letter, it is very important that you mention your full account number.

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  • You pay until you cancel it for play along with Win24 14,98 Euro per month. This means that you participate in Germany at 200 sweepstakes in Win24. The possibility to play on the Internet and via postcard.
  • Win24 enables direct debit. You can choose whether you use just one month Win24 or longer time.
  • Announce your membership in Win24 and would thereafter but continue playing back, so you have to do nothing more than continue to play along, your membership will then increase from the last posted Mitspielpakets.
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