Window blind - so they succeed with film

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Window blind - so they succeed with film

Window, you can darken with foil.

Types of films for window blind

Filter darkening films from at least 90% of the light, some types can even do it to lock out 99% of the light. The details of the light transmittance does not reflect sunlight. You must distinguish between the following films for window blackout:

  • Blackout film for outdoor use: These windows blackout is non-fading and color-stable and does almost no light, it filters 99.9% of visible light and effectively protects against UV and sunlight. For the inside, you can choose between white or black. The film is easy to clean and scratch resistant.
  • Self-dimming films for interior in black-gloss: This film for window blind can by absolutely no light and also protects against UV and sunlight. It is from the inside and black on the outside.
  • Blackout film and sun protection film black / gold for indoor use: This film is black inside and outside gold mirror. Filter these films from 99% of the light.
  • The window blind sheet in white, which appears white on the inside and outside while the room darkened (99%).

Find out more on the use of light-shielding films

  • With double-glazed windows you should always use films for outdoor use because it can get through the opaque film on the inside of the window heat to build up between the discs otherwise and the glass breaks.
  • The most convenient way to make the films for window blind process, if they let these 5 mm cut shorter than the clearance between the window rubbers. You have then but around a 2.5 mm wide margin. If you do not want this boundary, which must release the film cut 2 to 3 cm taller and trim the edges after assembly with a cutter.
  • Clean thoroughly the glass from the window blind with foil. Suitably use for the special cleaner that offered by the manufacturer of the films.
  • Thus, the films are properly plan you have before films and sheets, and even during, wet installation with water and mounting concentrate in large window blackouts. Instead of concentrate, you can use detergent, this could lead to additional spots, since it is not matched to the adhesive of the film.
  • The wet film for window blind freely on the disc, aligned and pressed with a squeegee to the window by pushing the water in between disk and tape from the center outwards.
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