Window cleaner electrically - suggestions for buying and using

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Window cleaner electrically - suggestions for buying and using

An electric window cleaner as an alternative.

You probably even know from personal experience how difficult it is to get windows clean and clear without end up staying strips. It is also troublesome to clean many windows when plus a ladder is needed, since they are mounted slightly increased. Here, of course, comes a window cleaner, which is electrically operated, just right, because with such a device, these problems are not active.

Window cleaner working electrically - the benefits

  • An electrically operated window cleaner has some advantages. For example, you avoid this annoying the climbing on a ladder. With such a device, you can reach a working height of about 3 meters. This permit supplied extension rods.
  • You must also not physically demanding, because such a device weighs less than 1 kg.
  • You also need no additional chemical agents more.
  • A entrained water bucket is no longer necessary in this purification.
  • With the window cleaner you work with only one operation, because this unit cleans and dries the same time.
  • Such a window cleaner is also suitable for cleaning the window frames and the car windows.

When purchasing such a device to ensure that all components described above are present and do not have to be purchased separately. Also, the device should have a TÜV seal.

The use of a window cleaner

The use of an electrically operated window cleaner is easy.

  • For device include a Sponge and cleaning cloths.
  • After you have soaked the sponge, it is pressed on the unit and covered with a cleaning cloth and clamped.
  • When brushing produces steam, which dissolves the dirt and is absorbed by the cleaning cloth.
  • The cleaning cloths you can wash and reuse it.
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