Windows 7 on Mac: No internet - what to do?

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Windows 7 on Mac: No internet - what to do?

running Windows on the Mac and on the Internet

7 Setting up Windows again on the Mac

  1. Restart your Mac and call there on the Apple icon in the top left, select "Software Update" on. should show now a new window that included a review of Boot Camp, the application to work with Windows, for updates.
  2. If an update is available, then you install and delete Finally the previously created Windows 7 partition on the application "Disk Utility". Then insert the Microsoft CD to install and run the setup again.
  3. Through this update, make sure that by now discovered errors are removed. These can, for example, no active Internet connection belong.

If you have Windows 7 already used on the Mac for longer, you will have accumulated some personal information. To ensure this, start the operating system and connect it to an external hard drive. You can then perform a backup, which no important information is lost.

If the Internet is still not running

  • It may happen that 7 still does not work correctly even after the software update Windows. in this case go to the Apple Web site and search for relevant drivers.
  • Connect the Mac temporarily with a LAN cable and thus create a connection to the Internet. These can then use to update Windows and create compatibility issues from the world.
  • Is still not possible the wireless connection, you should contact the Apple support and the router developers. Explain your problem there and ask for relevant solutions.
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